2018 VW Camper Van

2018 VW Camper Van

2018 VW Camper Van is probably the most awaited camper van in the US market. Rumors were ripe in 2015 when the bulli prototype was doing rounds of the rumor mill. Now the 2018 VW van news is doing the same rounds so one would wonder if there really is a possibility of a launch or is it just vaporware? We take the liberty to analyze possible launch here, as there already is a production version of 2018 VW van in the UK. The same model might finally be bought here, hopefully in a new generation avatar. Update: 2019 VW Camper Van, Announced for production by VW but may take 3 years.

Why the 2018 VW Camper Van makes more sense here

2018 VW Camper Van, despite being in news recently is still considered vaporware by many and for good reason. There have been rumors ever since it stopped rolling off the assembly line, of it’s revival. Yet there has not been a firm announcement by VW in this area. There is already a UK production VW camper Van that may come to US in 2018 but its still not a sure news. Ironically the camping VW van version is called “California” in the UK. It’s a beautiful camper and we would love to see it here. America being a much bigger camping and motorhome market would definitely make more sense for VW. But we are yet to see business sense prevail. With a lot of old school users already in the market looking for an upgrade to their type 2s and the associated fan following. It only makes more sense to get it rolling as soon as possible. VW has made noises about it unofficially, let’s see how it turns out to be.


2018 VW Camper Van potential configuration and specs

The beautiful looking VW camper van 2018 may come with an uprated diesel and gasoline engine option shown in the graphic we picked from VW UK. The engine options are 150/204ps for gas/diesel with an economy of 44.1/43.5 mpg. The vehicle is expected to ride on 235/55 R17 or 215/65 R17 tires. The UK version comes with a kitchen area, cupboard, folding bed, under seat storage, flexible spot light, three zone HVAC, 5 inch touch infotainment with 8 speakers and usb/cd/dvd/sd card setup. Yes the sliding door and windows are there too! What you will really like is the nice folding table that attaches to the sliding door. The 2 person 2,000mm by 1,140mm bed is also a welcome feature along with the dual battery setup to keep your voltages running in the campsite. Gas burners to help you cook/heat those meals away from home (2.8kg gas storage) and water storage ( 30 Liter/electric pump) to keep you hydrated. The aluminum roof pops up high to create extra sleeping space in the 2018 VW camper van. These apart from standard features like heated ORVMs, loads of aux sockets, smokers package, lights, cup holders, ample stowage space and the rest. On the safety front, it gets ESP, DRLs, driver alert system, brake assist, hill hold, traction control, TPMS besides the standard airbags. Did we mention regenerative braking?

2018 VW camper van release date & Price

2018 VW Camper Van can be expected only after a firm announcement by Volkswagen and we will surely keep a track. We can say that first quarter of 2018 may be a good time to pitch it in the market. Stretching it to the “back to school” season might not be a good idea for VW in our opinion. Its expected to be priced around US $65,000 for the camper configured California you see here in pictures. Optional extras on the camper vw will come at an extra cost as expected.


VW camper 2018 pictures:

Here are some images from the UK website, linked here if you please.

2018 vw camper vanVW-Camper-van-updated interiors

Over to you:
We heard our readers last time, everyone was in favor of a long wheelbase and plenty of sleeping/cooking/utility options. Some people suggested a diesel engine, sliding doors, refrigerator option and more luggage hauling space. Now looks like most of these have been taken care of in the UK version. So we can expect all that in the US version.  What is your opinion? We would love to read about your type 2 adventure too!

2018 VW Van at a glance

  • 2018 may see the VW Camper van come to US shores.
  • The VW Van may come with wide options for camping activities.
  • VW camper bus may be based on the UK version.
  • The large US market and Type 2 popularity from an earlier era promise a successful production run.

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