2019 VW Camper Van

2019 VW Camper Van

2019 VW Camper Van or Bus will be finally produced! VW Confirms after 4 years in speculation! We have been writing about this since 2015 (sorry those old articles and a lot of data got lost here at erstwhile carboncube. But back to the good news, which is getting even better, it's going to be electric! VW announced that "The I.D. Buzz concept will go into production, sparking a new generation of Microbus fans"

No, don't write off that check or start saving cash, it's not going to be launched till 2022. Now that's what we did not like, it's going to take VW a snail's crawling pace to start production. The 2019 VW Camper van is not going to be on sale in 2019 but in 2022 and hopefully earlier that year. Be ready to face a wait list as there are a lot of people who would want to get their hands on it first. We recommend waiting for a quarter before betting on your money so that production hiccups and minor bugs are ironed out. This is true for any new launch, yes I know this is a legacy product but it's as good as a new launch as the VW bus was not made for so many years. VW sells the VW Bus "california" in the UK which we covered in "2018 VW Camper van" article earlier and hoped it will be launched here in the USA. But that did not happen. The confirmed news from VW for a USA launch of an electric 2019 VW Camper van concept is a welcome news despite a late production schedule. The silver lining in this disappointing part of the story is that you have enough time to shore up some savings for it


VW USA Quotes Ben Pon Jr. (Ben Pon Sr sketched the rough outline on a napkin during lunch one day in 1947) as saying "The I.D. Buzz stands for the new Volkswagen,” and “We are fully committed to the future of mobility, and we want to reignite America’s love for VW."  With its compact exterior, spacious interior, and a design that seemed to put a smile on every face that saw it, the VW bus became “one of our most beloved cars,” says Diess. “It took you everywhere with your friends, it was a car but also a home on wheels, it was both reliable and unconventional, it was highly emotional,” says Diess. “It was and still is a wonderful car.” The exterior I.D. Buzz harkens to that first generation. It sports a two-tone V-nose, rectangular windows, a hint of a windshield sunshade, and a gesture at the rear side air vents that characterized the original. At Pebble beach, Diess asked Pon Jr. what he’d like to see in the newest generation of the bus. (some excerpts from the newsroom @ VW) “I saw it already,” Pon replied. “It looks absolutely great and I’m sure you will be very successful with it!”


2019 VW Camper Van engine

The 2019 VW Camper Van is announced with electric power plant. The I.D. Buzz concept sports 369 hp from electric motors on each axle that also provide all wheel drive and the 111 kWh battery pack in the floor of the MEB chassis provide nearly 300 miles of estimated range. Using a VW fast-charge system, it can recharge about 80 percent of its energy capacity in 30 minutes at 150 kW. We expect the new production vehicle to improve on the miles but it is yet to be seen if it retains multi axle drive as production costs will increase and it might not be featured at least in the entry model. The prototype shows a unique steering embedded shifting system. I doubt it will be ditto with production due to fear of accidental touch shifting. A more tactile control is desirable for most people like me.

2019 VW Camper Van potential configuration and specs

Apart from the standard bells and whistles that every vehicle comes with, like warm seats, power operated windows, rear hatch, power mirrors, lane warning, infotainment and navigation, we expect a lot more from this VW. There is talk of the 2019 VW camper van going driverless! Yes in a few years from it's launch it will be driverless complete with a foldaway steering control. This sounds fancy even today but VW is working on this technology and has planned it for this vehicle. The electric vehicle is a great idea however it is yet to be seen how air conditioning and other fancy power hungry applications drain this baby of it's battery blood. It would be a great idea to add a solar roof along with side panels that charge the battery while the sun shines. The Car shows some great seat change configuration like a true blue blooded camper. Great for campers yeah? We would love to see camping ability like sleeping area, extendable ceiling, side awnings, stove space and space to add extra wheel and a fuel tank. Trailer and carrier attachments should be offered in plenty of options too. I would personally want outdoor camp lighting to keep wildlife at bay while parking in the forest. I would also need specially placed flashlights, a pull out umbrella, sunshade holder, fire starting kit space, puncture kit space and also a dedicated space to keep a first aid box. I demand all this apart from the fancy features! What would you want? Mention in the comments please.

2018 VW camper van release date & Price

I would say anything from 60-90 grands US for this baby, (variant dependent) considering today's battery costs. If the tech advances to a more economic level then the current reasonable price range of around 45-65k US may be a possibility. But I would not expect many fancy features in the starting model. It would make sense for a cheaper option with hybrid engine for those who want it old school. Release has been set to 2022 so there goes the idea of driving this sooner. But hey, you can save up in the meanwhile. You might not need a loan if you just start a recurring deposit for it. Like the idea? Anyway, the price is quite a gamble and we never know. The UK version sells at around 65K but it's an engine based vehicle while this one is electric.

VW camper 2019 pictures:

2019 VW Van at a glance

  • 2022 will see the VW Camper van come to US shores.
  • The VW Van will come with wide options for camping activities.
  • VW camper is to be based on the electric ID Buzz concept.
  • The large US market and Type 2 popularity from an earlier era promise a successful production run.

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