Window Tinting

Window Tinting

Some hate it, some love it. Window tinting is legal at some places while absolutely illegal in many others. How can a simple film of poly help you and what does getting a film your car window get you into? We talk about the simple tinting process and not bomb proofing your vehicle in this article. It saves you from the sun and gives your some privacy to, learn why Window tinting is important and what you should know in order for your to take an informed decision.

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Types of Window Tinting:

There are three major types of window tinting available in the market with different grade levels, colors, thickness and exotic branding names. You need to as for a window tinting demo if you really want to understand how big difference they would make to your car for the money they are asking.

  • Basic Window Tint:- The most basic window tinting reduces glare and provides a privacy screen for car occupants. This is the cheapest and most common type. It does not shield you from UV rays & the heat of the sun. There is no cold protection as a good heat film would also retain a lot of warmth inside the car. We do not recommend this type of film in any case. It is mostly used by people who just want privacy without any other protection, and may not have the cash to spare.
  • Heat Shielding Window Tinting:- This type of film protects you from heat and retains the heat inside in most cases unless in case of rare brands that claim to protect one way and allow radiation outwards to cool the car off. A good heat shield film will also retain warmth in the vehicle making your car comfortable in cold climate. This type of car film is preferred by many buyers.
  • Heat & UV Shielding Window Tinting:- The most expensive films, the UV and heat shield enabled ones are the one we recommend. Acts like a sunscreen, helps cool your car and protect your privacy at the same time. Worth it’s investment if you plan to hold on to your car for a few years, you would not regret installing it. There are many fancy films out there but these are the three major types you should know before going shopping for them.

More information on car film:

Here is important information you should know before taking your car to the garage.

Professional installation or DIY?

Professional service is always preferred over self install in most high grade films. This ensures that you get a proper install, bubble free, cut free, peel free experience. Badly installed film can ruin the way your car looks and lead to wastage and damages. If however you are a pro, go ahead and do it yourself.

Window Tinting color options:

Window tinting choices in terms of color is all about personal choice, just like choosing sunglasses, one would appreciate one tint more than another. It’s up to you what you put on your vehicle or even home windows. If you are pleased more by brown than darkening black, or does a greenish tint appeal more to you? So when it comes to home building tint or car window tints, you need to hear your heart out. Most films today perform equally in sun, heat and privacy protection in all colors equally. So make your choice!

Benefits of Tinted windows on a vehicle:

  • Privacy
  • Heat protection
  • UV protection
  • Better looks with most cars
  • Car Interiors age slower

How to tint your car windows on your own:

  1. Clean the Window properly before window tinting
  2. Trim/cut the film using professional cutter or placing it on the window
  3. Remote the clear liner protection from the film
  4. Apply the film staring from one side and going all the way to the other, while removing the bubbles with an applicator.
  5. These are just comprehensive steps, usually you would get a detailed leaflet with your purchase.


There may be legal issues related to installing and using window tinting on your car depending upon your country or state. please check with your local laws before you do this.

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